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Clean Up Lake Erie

Lake Erie is always a beautiful sight, thanks to its serene waters and pristine surroundings. However, algae blooms caused by the overrun of phosphorous from agricultural fertilizer threaten to mar this beautiful landscape.

Our seas and waters are only as beautiful as they are because they’re kept clean and well-maintained. Marinas are essential in keeping our waterways clean, and so are you! Join Port Lorain Marina and these other local organizations in their eco-friendly initiatives to clean up Lake Erie and keep it safe and beautiful for the future!

Help Clean Up Lake Erie With These Organizations and Events

National Marina Day

Port Lorain Marina celebrates National Marina Day on June 24, 2023! In partnership with organizations Eriesponsible and the Ohio Clean Marinas Program, Port Lorain plans to hold a marina cleanup and a commemoration event afterward to show appreciation for the volunteers and boaters who come to participate.

In addition to this, Port Lorain shows its dedication to cleaner waterways by installing a Seabin in the marina. The Seabins were made to skim the surface of the water of the Lake Erie region and collect any debris and trash it finds as well as filter out any oil, harmful toxins, and microplastics it finds. It has the potential to remove up to 1,000 pounds of trash from Lake Erie in a year!

The National Marina Day event at Port Lorain runs from 10 AM to 2 PM and promises to foster a spirit of giving and camaraderie among the Lake Erie community.


Eriesponsible, a big part of Port Lorain’s National Marina Day celebration, is a nonprofit organization made to spread awareness of the many issues surrounding Lake Erie. The organization educates the public and holds various hands-on cleanup events around the Lake Erie area. Eriesponsible prides itself on helping to improve the conditions of Lake Erie with long-term solutions that focus on prevention and cleanup.

Ohio Clean Marinas

The Ohio Clean Boaters and Marinas initiative aims to promote cleanliness and sustainability practices among boaters and marinas alike. They provide awareness, guidelines, programs, tools, and management practices for boaters and marina staff in order to maintain clean air and water for everyone to enjoy.

Ohio Clean Marinas encourages boaters and marina owners to take a proactive role in keeping local waterways clean and pristine, plus improve business and recognition for the marina. A marina certified by Ohio Clean Marinas is sure to be one that you can trust!

Lake Erie Foundation

The Lake Erie Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a sustainable future for Lake Erie. The LEF works at local, state, and federal levels to enact positive change, especially toward reducing pollution, restoring natural water systems, managing wastewater and fisheries, and healing local waterways in the Lake Erie area and beyond.

The LEF encourages ongoing dialogue with public officials and accepts donations from kind patrons in order to continue its eco-friendly mission.


H2Ohio’s mission is to maintain the cleanliness and quality of Ohio’s waterways. First started in 2019 by Ohio state governor Mike DeWine, this initiative strategically addresses many problems that Ohio’s waterways face, including algal blooms on Lake Erie, toxic phosphorous runoff from agricultural fertilizer, lead contamination from aging sewage systems, and infected drinking water.

H2Ohio uses sustainable, science-based, and cost-effective methods to maintain the water quality of Ohio’s waterways, bring funding to local communities that need upgraded water infrastructure and other water quality solutions, and create wetlands to reduce phosphorous runoff.

Be a conscientious boater and consider supporting these local eco-friendly events and initiatives. Join Port Lorain Marina, Eriesponsible, and Ohio Clean Marinas this weekend for National Marina Day!

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